Höffner Sound Systems


Höffner Audio Systems is the German high-end manufacturer of loudspeakers, which develops with great care and with a view to the essentials, loudspeakers with exceptionally realistic, spatial reproduction. Höffner loudspeakers are developed in Aachen using the newest technology and according to the newest discoveries within loud speaker designs. 

Our unique development environment allows us to perfectly tune our speakers. Our laboratory only leave loudspeakers that can withstand our high demands for a lifelike reproduction.

Each piece is unique. All Höffner loudspeakers are handmade – supported by state-of-the-art production techniques. Only the best components and materials are used. This results in unique loudspeakers of excellent quality and performance.

Development, design and manufacturing are Made in Germany.



Höffner H1 & H10

Design icon and high-end speaker at the same time