For the ears


Music can be deeply moving, above all when experienced live. It doesn’t matter whether its a great orchestral symphony, chamber music, world music or energetic jazz. If we want to create the atmosphere of a live performance within our own four walls as vividly as possible, instant dynamics, the highest audio fidelity and a realistic spatiality are essential. Höffner Sound Systems is committed to these aims.

With Höffner Speakers, nothing remains hidden from you: the tender stroking of a viola, the impact and physicality of a kettledrum, the accentuated hiss of a hi-hat and the hard beating of a snaredrum, alongside sparkling guitar pickings and the sonorous bedrock of an electric bass: all with the sound quality of a studio monitor and tremendous micro-dynamics. Dynamically riveting, yet free from sensationalism. Close your eyes – a wide and deep stage appears before you, and the musicians are striking up. Completely personal to you.