For the ears


Music can be deeply moving, above all when experienced live. It doesn’t matter whether its a great orchestral symphony, chamber music, world music or energetic jazz. If we want to create the atmosphere of a live performance within our own four walls as vividly as possible, instant dynamics, the highest audio fidelity and a realistic spatiality are essential. Höffner Sound Systems is committed to these aims.

With Höffner Speakers, nothing remains hidden from you: the tender stroking of a viola, the impact and physicality of a kettledrum, the accentuated hiss of a hi-hat and the hard beating of a snaredrum, alongside sparkling guitar pickings and the sonorous bedrock of an electric bass: all with the sound quality of a studio monitor and tremendous micro-dynamics. Dynamically riveting, yet free from sensationalism. Close your eyes – a wide and deep stage appears before you, and the musicians are striking up. Completely personal to you.

For the heart

Our Mission

Markus Höffner grew up in a familie where music played an important role. As a child, he already loved the music of Johannes Brahms and Johann Sebastian Bach. His father made professional concert recordings – so from an early age, the capabilities of high-quality recording and playback systems had an impact on Markus Höffner. Höffner really caught the speaker bug through his work in an electronics store, which sold loudspeaker designs from the leading chassis manufacturers at the time, such as Görlich, Peerless and Lowther.

This was followed by years in the laboratory, working on closed and ventilated housing, different driver alignments, subwoofer satellite systems, and much more. It was clear that Markus Höffner had a good eye for the business, because year upon year he succeeded in selling more and more loudspeakers he had personally developed: in 2006, he made his hobby his profession and officially sold personalised designs, specially adapted to the wishes of the customers.

His success enabled him to invest increasing amounts of time and money into the development and manufacture of the speakers, and in 2012 the time finally arrived: he founded the Höffner – Audio System Manufactory. A team of engineers, constructors and designers develops and markets a special type of loudspeaker; individual, premium quality, and sonically involving.