Great enthusiasm for the Höffner H1 Speaker at the High End 2018

The premiere of our H1 loudspeaker at the High End in Munich was a complete success:

The response of our visitors regarding the reproduction characteristics and the design was overwhelming. In the professionally equipped listening room we were able to inspire with an authentic reproduction.

With jazz, classical and pop the H1 Speaker captivated those interested in their seats and conjured up a smile in the listeners’ faces by the dozen. A wide and deep virtual stage and the perfect location of the instruments were praised as well as the precise, fast and balanced reproduction of the H1 speakers.


Enthusiastic voices:


  • Valk Visarius: “loudspeaker playing at the highest level, beautifully depicting tone colours and space”.
  • Jutta Stanger from Munich: „As musical and direct as if you were there live”.
  • Brian C. Silverman was just thrilled: “unbelievable, this performance”.
  • Thomas Schmidt from Duisburg awarded a “big praise to the developer”.
  • Udo Schönewald from Stuttgart was pleased with the “enormous localizability of the musicians and the very balanced reproduction”.
  • For Andreas Schneider, the Höffner H1 loudspeaker was “one of the Top 5 High End speakers”.