For the eyes


The harmonious silhouettes and proportions of historic plucked and string instruments have not changed much from ancient times to today; instead they have merely been further refined by instrument makers, over the course of many centuries. We were inspired by these organically flowing contours when designing the H1.

The design not only mirrors the optic and haptic characteristics of an instrument, it also creates the optimal space for excellent acoustics. The H1 is a technical and artistic masterpiece. Both unobtrusive and pleasant, technology and aesthetics blend together through flowing lines, existing in peace and harmony with each other.

Paint finish

For the paint finish we use high-performance paint, which provides a homogenous image and excellent durability. The particular degree of gloss enhances the ductility and effortlessness of the housing form.

Alongside the standard colours – matt white and matt black – the H1 can be individually produced in any desired colour or finish upon request.