Höffner H10-plus active speaker – even more performance – same size!

Something new:  The Höffner H10-plus active loudspeaker.

Manufactured speakers with powerful dynamics and great detail that open up a wonderfully realistic stage. Three settings can be selected at the touch of a button to adapt to the listening environment.




The Höffner – H10-plus active loudspeaker, as a three-way system in a closed cabinet, delivers an authentic musical performance with tremendous playing pleasure. It is both a monitor and a fine spirit with enormous depth – and not in a classic box, but in an elaborate multiplex cabinet with a contemporary interior design.

It draws enormous, yet always precise and contoured low-frequency power from a 29 cm bass driver with a torsion-resistant aluminium cone and powerful ferrite drive.

The mid- to low-frequency range is covered by a 15 mm driver similar to the H10. This driver also has a coated cone, but works completely undisturbed in a separate cabinet. A strong neodymium motor gives it enormous impulse power for clear and finely staggered reproduction.

The tweeter ensures an airy, transparent high-frequency range and perfect spatial representation: a 26 mm textile dome tweeter with a distortion-free frequency response far beyond the listening area.

The H10-plus active loudspeaker represents a further development of the H10 loudspeaker and is capable of playing in even larger rooms.



H10-plus loudspeakers also available in hybrid design:


The passively connected H10-plus Hybrid brings the characteristics of the music system into focus and complements it to perfection with its unique performance:

The H10-plus hybrid loudspeaker as a three-way system in a closed cabinet with active bass support.




The clear and refined contours of the Höffner H10 series speak their very own design language. They are reminiscent of the Bauhaus design, appear classically retrospective and yet completely modern. At the same time, the Höffner product design offers the optimal design space for excellent acoustics.


The H10-plus active loudspeaker is a masterpiece in technology and creativity.
Discreet and appealing at the same time, the H10-plus sets new standards in technology and aesthetics.

Finishes: smoked oak, natural oak, white and black. 

Further options are possible on request


Development, design and manufacturing are Made in Germany.