The technique

In perfect harmony – the basic prerequisite for a natural sound experience is a distortion-free and tonally balanced reproduction of the loudspeaker. We achieve this goal by using the finest components and the perfect interplay of cabinet, drivers and crossover. Nothing is left to chance, everything is carefully matched.

For the development of the H10, we use the key technology from the development of the H1 loudspeaker. The result is a manufactured loudspeaker with powerful dynamics and great detail that opens up a wonderfully realistic stage – all this even at low volume – pure musical enjoyment.

Das H10 System – aktiv

2-Wege-Bassreflex mit Passivmembran

55 – 20.000 Hz -3dB

2 x 250 Watt

DSP zwei Wege, perfekte Phase

33 x 92 x 34cm (B x H x T)

19 kg inklusive Lautsprecherständer

analog unsymmetrisch, analog symmetrisch, AES, S/PDIF koaxial, S/PDIF

Drei Voreinstellungen zur Raumanpassung
Schutzschaltungen: Gleichspannungen, Übertemperatur


Das H10 System – passiv

2-Wege-Bassreflex mit Passivmembran, perfekte Phase

55 – 20.000 Hz


Nennimpedanz / Impedanzminimum
4 Ohm / 3 Ohm

Nennbelastbarkeit / Musikbelastbarkeit
100 W / 250 W

33 x 92 x 34cm (B x H x T)

20 kg inklusive Lautsprecherständer

Single Wiring, Höffner – Rohdiert

Wir empfehlen eine Verstärkerleitung von 80 bis 150 Watt


– Die Treiber –

The drivers

Our premise in selecting drivers:
Minimum distortion and maximum Linearity

The H10 system draws enormous, yet always precise and contoured low-frequency power from a 17 cm bass driver with a torsion-resistant coating cone and powerful long-stroke drive. The tweeter ensures an airy, transparent high-frequency range and perfect spatial imaging: a 26 mm textile dome tweeter with a distortion-free frequency response – far beyond the listening area.


A tweeter with excellent, airy performance is responsible for the high frequency range. Its 26 mm textile cone offers a fabulously distortion-free frequency response in the working range up to over 30 kHz with an exceptionally homogeneous sound distribution. In this way, the H10 guarantees an excellent, vivid and detailed reproduction of the music signal at all listening positions.


The 17 cm deep-midrange chassis has a very light and distortion-resistant cone with special coatings. In combination with the low-loss suspension and an extremely precise long-stroke motor, this results in dynamic and exceptionally rhythmically agile bass reproduction and allows this chassis to play with particular clarity and tonal subtlety.

Passive Cone

The reproduction of the lowest frequencies is guaranteed by a 22 cm passive diaphragm. It works in place of a bass reflex tube and ensures reproduction without flow noises and unequal-phase frequency components. Precisely calibrated and tuned to its working range, it helps the H10 to achieve an amazing bass foundation and precise, dynamic bass reproduction.

– Die Frequenzweiche –

The crossover

Every orchestra needs a conductor so that all participants act harmoniously with each other, as a unit – this applies in particular to the correct insertion and a correct tuning. Transferred to our loudspeakers, the requirement is: perfect timing and exact tonal transitions between the different drivers. Responsible for this teamwork, whether active or passive loudspeaker, is the crossover. Realised in a DSP – or quite conventionally, with appropriate components – it forms the heart of the loudspeaker.

The specially developed Höffner development environment allows us to optimize the frequency and phase response synchronously – the result is a sensationally smooth frequency response with the lowest possible phase deviation.

Simply spoken this means that the Höffner crossovers ensure a realistic representation of the room and a detailed, authentically perceived musical experience.

H10 ACTIVE – The active module

The DSP-controlled amplifier technology has it all:

The Höffner Class D amplifiers are a real sensation. They are characterised by very low distortion, high damping factor and a linear frequency response. As with the passive H10, the impedance of the connected loudspeaker has no influence on the frequency response here. This results in distortion-free reproduction without falsification of the music signal, even during loud passages. Everything remains controlled, impulsive and true to nature.

Sophisticated protection circuits guard the H10 loudspeaker against DC voltage at the output and overtemperature. The output power is automatically reduced if the temperature is too high and then increased again when it has cooled down. In the event of DC voltage at the output, the system switches off automatically.

The H10 can be adjusted to the listening environment at the touch of a button. Three settings are available for this purpose. This can effectively counteract excessive bass reproduction, for example, when placed close to the corners of the room. Of course, it can also be used to add something.

H10 PASSIVE – The crossover

Höffner crossovers are developed in a network with the drivers. Thus, they are not susceptible to resonances and do not pose a great challenge to the connected amplifier. The selected high-end components – both chassis and crossover components are matched in pairs – further reduce the already very low series tolerances. Soldered by hand with silver solder, sonically identical pairs are created for crystal-clear, holographic reproduction.

The Höffner pole terminals are the result of careful construction. They are solidly manufactured and provide a secure hold for the connected cables. They also have rhodium-coated contact surfaces. This ensures connection with low contact resistance and reliable, error-free transmission of the music signal.

– The enclosure –

The enclosure

The ventilated cabinet of the Höffner H10 is handcrafted and consists of a combination of wood glued in different directions and vibration-inhibiting materials. This composite material is characterised by its special absorption capacity. It allows the construction of enclosures with a perfect ratio of stiffness, damping and mass. This reduces the natural vibrations of the enclosure and the acoustic transmission of sound to a minimum. In addition, the inner sides of the Höffner H10 are designed in such a way that they direct the sound in different directions – on its way through the enclosure, the sound is then absorbed by means of suitable materials and standing waves inside the enclosure are avoided.

The shape of the Höffner H10 speaker and its shallow cabinet depth make it easy to place in the room. It is classic, understated and technically functional. Its shape ensures – as a prerequisite for authentic reproduction – that the sound arrives simultaneously at the listening position. The Höffner speaker stands made of 10mm solid aluminium round off the performance of the H10 and provide the necessary inclination.

The design

The clear and refined contours of the Höffner H10 speak their very own design language. They are reminiscent of the Bauhaus design, appear classically retrospective and yet completely modern. At the same time, the Höffner product design offers the optimal design space for excellent acoustics. The H10 is a technical and design masterpiece. Both unobtrusive and appealing, the H10 sets new standards in technology and aesthetics.


For the finish of the Höffner H10, only selected materials are used that blend individually into the living environment.

The different surfaces of the enclosure allow the speaker to perfectly match its environment.

The speaker stands made of solid aluminium form a unit with the enclosure. They can also be customised in colour and round off the outer appearance.

Acoustically highly permeable speaker covers in various colours offer a wide range of liberty in design.