Fidelity Award winner Höffner H10 active loudspeaker:
“A feast for the senses”

We are delighted to receive the Fidelity Award for exceptional sound and quality of the H10 speaker.

“With the H10, Höffner has succeeded in creating a true feast for the senses. The workmanship, design and sound of the powerful active (2 x 250 watts) make no compromises. At the same time, the floorstanding speaker is extremely versatile and flexible. With its sophisticated DSP-based room equalisation, it can be adjusted to suit the listening room and the listener’s taste. But even without such adjustments, the speaker is convincing: with its outstanding imaging precision, it creates “three-dimensional, holographic sound bodies, dazzling in all their colourful details”, as we confirmed in our test – it’s not the speakers that are in the room, but the music.”

“a pleasurable sound that makes you forget time and space!”